Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On their Way to Samal

The journey to Ignis is going really good so far, for the army had reached PM without any trouble. It isn't till they get to the bridge where they encounter trouble, there is no bridge. The army is very disappointed. The only way to get to Ignis now is to get some Syrtian boats.

"Crap!" Lucinda Wintersun shouts. "Why'd we have to dump that one boat down by Central Island?"

"I told you we could have cremated Mehgan, but no-ooo!" Heglin says angrily.

"Well, it's no use fighting over it now," Eli reassures. "I guess we'll have to wade across."

"Sorry, guys. Can't do," Znurre said. "First, the water is too deep for a Benku (looking at Inkster) and Dwarves (looking at Blu Arrow). And second:" she dips a spear into the water, and quickly pulled it back out. The only thing left of it is the Speartip.

"Oh yeah, we forgot about that defense," Lucinda says. "Red-bellied Aquantis. Surak would hate to get his tootsies wet in that!"

"Very helpful," Inkster groans. "You'd think your species would have more faith in the wizards, but no."

"Well, when we heard about Venom Fang, well..." Heglin explains.

"Despite that, we've pulled your butts out of the fire for millenia," Inkster responds.

"I'm not going to Ignis via PB. My dad always said to stay away from there," Lucinda says.

"Well, let's not panic. There's got to be a way around it," Inkster calms. He looks around and spots a large raft. There is a sign pinned to it. He reads it.

This boat can support a hundred people at a time, and needs seventy-five of them to row. Unfortunately, the boat can only survive fifteen trips. What is your strategy to. . . ah, I hated these questions in school."

"Well, let's try it," Znurre says. After forming a plan, they begin their trips across. Unfortunately, it goes over fifteen and the raft sinks. The remainders just barely escape from the Aquantis.

As they catch their breaths and nurse their injuries, a group of Men walk up to them. Some of them are carrying a bridge.

"Just got back from our lunch break," a man says.

"Lunch break?" the army asks.

"Yeah, near the eastern end of Menirah," the man replies.

"Why did you take the bridge with you?" Znurre angrily asks.

"Well, we didn't want any of our enemy crossing them."

"But what about us?" Blu Arrow asks.

"Well, if you were marching to Ignis, you'd have to be pretty stupid."

"And you were having a lunch break on the other side?" the whole army asks.


The man is instantly cut down by Znurre.