Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Introducing myself ... hm, not that easy

I was supposed to write an introduction from my character's point of view, but as much as I tried, I couldn't come up with a story even remotely worth posting. I blame my utter lack of imagination and, of course, Inkster for setting the bar so high with his first post.

Besides my already mentioned lack of imagination, I have another problem: I have too many chars. Having six level 50 chars and another two in their early 40ies makes it kind of hard to concentrate on one char to build your story around. I tried to come up with a short story of all chars that also connects them all somehow, but after reading it again a day later, it didn't sound too well. I might post it some time in the future, if I find the time and motivation to work on it.

Actually there's another thing going on right now. I have one char that I played most, but, as already implied by using past tense, I have moved on. I'm still using the name of that char to post, just because it is the one that's the most well known. I started playing in Syrtis, but very early I thought that I made the wrong choice. That was around the time Laleja was somewhere between level 40 and 45 (November/December 2007). At that time I thought that I might be happier in Alsius and even considered deleting my chars to join Alsius. What kept me from doing that was two things: 1. I didn't want to delete my most high level char (which seems somewhat ridiculous to me now with six level 50ies); 2. I joined the German Guardians, which brought the game to a whole new level.

But as it is now, playing in Syrtis is mostly frustrating to me when I play without the GGs. I don't think I have to go into details, but the Syrtis playing style sucks really bad in general. With the GGs, it was always different, but recently a lot of them have left, some for personal reasons, some prefer to play on Horus now, some for reasons I don't know and/or don't understand. It pains me to see the GGs breaking up, but that's what it seems is happening right now.

I have foreseen this for some time, so I made a new account (breaking NDG's barely enforced rule) to finally join Alsius without losing my Syrtis chars. I still play in Syrtis when I see more than just one or two GGs online, and it's still a lot of fun with them. But without my Alsius chars I would probably already have left the game. To cut a long story short, these are my main chars: Laleja, Syrtis conjurer. Lucinda Wintersun, Alsius conjurer. Lucinda Silverbow, Alsius marks, and the char that I happen to play most at the moment. Plus some other chars that I don't play very often.

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