Thursday, January 07, 2010

Global warming confirmed, half of the world is buried in SNOW

After spending X billion $ in Copenhagen on a totally fucking useless, worthless conference (well the hotels and food were OK) whilst leaving Denmark the delegates were personally treated to the effects of Global Warming, SNOW, SNOW, AND EVEN MORE BLOODY SNOW!

This is certain proof that the perpetrators behind the theory of Global Warming are correct, half of the world has now been buried in snow and ice!

Predictions of deserts and cactus growing in the Alaskan plains and sand storms in Siberia have been put to bed for this year.

As Polar Bears and Walrus bask in the freezing cold and people try to remove their vehicles stuck in the ice and snow scientists are rapidly revising their predictions claiming, OK, maybe in 600000 years it could happen, maybe.

As Obama and the rest of the clowns pissed off to their Ski holidays in the fresh snow to enjoy a super White Christmas lets all count the cost of this FAB conference and wish the Chinese had foot the fucking bill!!!!

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