Monday, January 18, 2010

Listening to my ipod on the bus..

Right.. This is rant number fucking 3 today.. Im gonna keep it short and not so sweet.

This morning, I got on the bus and was listening to my ipod, as I always do. This old bastard of a woman who was sitting at least 3 seats in front of me obviously had a problem with this. So, she kept shaking her head, turning around and giving me dirty looks… Oh sorry love, do you want me to turn it down or off maybe? err.. how about fuck you! Sorry, but its not my problem if you find the sound of my ipod annoying.. fucking deal with it! Acting like that, your certainly not going to get what you want! God I hate them, if I want to listen to my ipod, I fucking will and no stupid old cow like that is going to stop me!! And just for the record, I didnt have it on full blast. These people really piss me off.. bloody hell, I cant stand these chavs who like to play music out loud on their mobile phones whilst walking down the high st or something, but do you see me shaking my head at them.. Jesus Fekking Christ. Im sorry to say this but its always OAP’s that have the problem…

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