Monday, January 18, 2010

T-mobile ad

I fekking hate that poxy T-mobile ad with that stupid curly haired fektwit and his “band”.

I don’t care about you or your wanky band and i sure as fek aint gonna look you up on twatter you little fekpig. And his name would be josh, only grunts and annoying wankers are called josh. I hate fekkers and their non entity bands, the sort of pricks who carry their guitars around in case someone fancies a sing-along in the pub or park you egotistical overblown egomaniacal bunches of utter wastes of space.

Take your untalented selves and all your bastard mates and fek right off to hell you ugly bunch of shitslags.

(What’s that? it’s only an advert? Oh i see, sorry but you get the point. I bet josh has a band in real life the scabby ugly fekking little prick.)

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