Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another recipe Idea

See how fast you can read this out loud

Pickled Pork & Penguin Pie


1/4 lbs. Pork parts
1 Penguin
Pickle paste
Pea pods
Prunes (Pitted)

To prepare:

Par-broil pork parts and place pieces partially in pre-positioned pie pan. Proceed with peeling penguin.
Pummel and puree penguin pieces post-peeling. Promptly pour penguin puree in pie pan.
Prepare pickle paste and apply to pie. Partition protruding pork parts with pea pods and peppers.
Perch pitted prunes upon protruding pork parts. Chill and serve. MmmmmMmmm

Ill be adding a couple more recipes in the next few days, Gordon Ramsey eat your heart out

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