Tuesday, January 19, 2010

People today!

Why is it that some people seem to take no responsibility for themselves as soon as they step outside their front door?

If you trip over indoors and break a limb you can’t sue anyone (I bet someone’s tried it though) but outside anything seems to be game. Trip over a paving slab? Sue the council. Slip over in the supermarket? Sue the supermarket. Trip over a cable at work? Sue the company.

What the fek happened to looking where the fek you’re going you stupid grunts? The bloody compensation culture get’s on my tits and so do all those stupid fekking adverts. Broke a nail while typing on your keyboard? Then call us blah blah oh fek off!

If i got hurt at work i would expect the company to at least take care of me financially if it was long term, it’s just not me to start asking for compensation for my pain etc. etc. The way health and safety is these days i would have thought it impossible to get hurt anywhere anyway!

Health and safety eh! Whoever is responsible for this ridiculous culture should be run over by a fekking enormous forklift! I can climb a fekking ladder without some pathetic training session insulting my intelligence. Get a fekking grip!!!

Changing the subject, can anyone tell me what the fek a facilitator is? I see job adverts for them but the descriptions baffle me.I worked for a company with a facilities department but was confused by it. At times we live in a stupid fekking world run by stupid fekking people who think we are as fekking stupid as they are!

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