Sunday, October 24, 2010

Shitty Lights

My isp is Talktalk, last month they decided for some reason to try to take the payment of their services out early, unfortunately, i had not had my wages deposited in the bank at the time. The direct debit bounced due to lack of funds, incurring a charge for the returned direct debit.

The problem is, Talktalk claimed we were given sufficient time in informing us of the change to our
Bill date when their billing servers were in fact offline at the time. The customer advisor even checked
on the day for us and confirmed this, anyway, i paid the bill on card and was assured that the bank
charges would be compensated. Today, i look at my bill to see not only have the charges NOT been refunded but also a Further amount added for the returned bill. On speaking to a Talktalk advisor today they agreed they had tried to take the payment early, they also agreed that the billing servers were offline so there was no way of us knowing of the changes

But basically Tough, they dont refund bank charges even if they are their fault. MY grump old sods recommendation? Don't use Talktalk

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