Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stupid celebrities – what are you famous for again?

I cant take it anymore – if i have to see/read/hear about

Kerry fekking katona, Chantelle , Michelle Scott lee, Danielle Lloyd , posh spice and the rest of these idiots the British media spends so much time reporting on, i will explode.

These people are educationally sub normal, devoid of genuine character and make no contribution to our society other than taking up valuable space in newspapers and magazines.

I think it sets terrible role models for our children and has already created a generation of slappers who's life ambition is to "bag a footballer" -

footballers – overpaid, badly behaved fekking morons who don't know how lucky they bloody are to be paid ridiculous amounts of money for 3 months work a year. What a bunch of obnoxious grunts.

How have we got to this point – Heat magazine,Now you should be ashamed of yourself for reporting on these moronic people. Who gives a fuck if posh spice has just bought a new handbag – honestly -1/3 of the world is at war and 1/2 is in poverty – it is insulting to give these talentless idiots attention, let alone pay them- i cant work out what any of them actually do?

Remember when people were famous and fans for having a skill or talent most of us didn't? Jacko- Madonna – Tu pac?

Now all you need is bottle of fake tan, hair extensions, pair of fake tits and a smug self adoring attitude and you are entitled to be famous.

Its like everything in the sad world we now live in – cheap, tacky and morally dubious.

When will the British media take responsibility?

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